Thursday, 14 June 2012

Have fun with masking fluid aka FRISKET

I love the frisket! it's a magic technique. It's very effective to block out areas of watercolor while you paint, thereby retaining the white of the paper or the previous color that was painted.
The first time i used frisket, it was sooo brush consuming!! I wasted a lot of brushes, as it is tricky to get masking fluid out of a brush. Some artists recommend dipping a brush in washing-up liquid before using the masking fluid, as this makes it easier to wash out of a brush. But I am done with the brush, period.
In my frustrated moment because i had no more brushes that i can use for frisket, a ball of lamp just swiched on in my head! hey, why not!! If I cannot use the damaged bristle of the brush, why don't i use the tip of it's handle! just sharpen it with the pencil sharpener and no apps can be better for frisketing!! YAY!! happy me!:))

Frisket that's got a color is easier to use than one which is white or transparent as you can see where you've applied it. Mine has a grayish color here.

Frisket is easily removed by gently rubbing it off either with your fingers or an eraser, once the painting is dry. And my white flying dandelions are so lite, happy and cheerful... love them!


  1. Bagus banget gimana cara buatnya ya mba...?

  2. Mbak Nurul, frisketnya aka Art Masking Fluid tinggal disapu aja dibidang yang mau diblok, terus tunggu kering, baru di kerjakan cat airnya. Kalau cat air sudah kering baru dilepas frisketnya dengan cara dikeletek saja. Selamat mencoba, mbak, dan terima kasih sudah mampir yaa... :)