Thursday, 28 March 2013

Straighten out the watercolor painting

When all pages are ready, then I find most of them are slightly wavy. 
And you know the wavey papers are not good to be scanned, 
they tend to make uneven shade in the scanning result. 

An easy treatment for wavy watercolor art, 
that won't harm the art on the paper is simply with taking 
slightly damp sponge and wet the BACK of the paper just so it is moist.

Once the paper is damp, put it between blotter paper and weights 
and flatten it that way. I am using a heavy frying pan, here..:D

Trust me, it works and doesn't have any effect on the art on the front.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dummy Book

I made this dummy book several months ago, as a manuscript to be sent to a Publisher in Singapore. 
I printed and glued every page with love... and kissed it good bye, since I knew I couldn't see this one again.. :p

The Stray Kittens

Evi Shelvia's illustration

Evi Shelvia's illustrations

Evi Shelvia's illustration

Evi Shelvia's illustrations

Who can resist not to give a hand to some little kittens you found on the side walk? How could we leave those
kittens out in a windy afternoon just before the rain come? I am sure that no one could.
So, the children and their mother did their best to bring all the kittens home, fed them and comforted them.
But what are they going to do with all six kittens?
They were to many to be kept. But, don't worry...mommy knows exactly what to do.....