Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fun fact about Author and Illustrator

And what's the fun fact about the author and the illustrator? it's having fun!! Yay!!:D
Yeah, what can be more fun than sitting on the table discussing all pages of story and illos of the book we are working on.
Datin Rossiti actually is the first author and the project owner I met in person so far after last 8 books I've illustrated. Like I wanted so much to meet Carole Amber of " TheGift of The Ladybug" from Ohio US, the best way we can meet is on skype. Well, it can be considered as face to face, but through cyber world. And conversating through email with Alexander Zaslavski of "Emma and The Tooth Fairy" from NYC-US, so was with Rani Fitriani Ishak, Fani Aprina Ahmadi of " Wa Shulhu Khoir, Dan Berdamai itu Baik" from Bandung Indonesia. Meeting in person or through internet are great ways to discuss about the work in making children book since we can discuss and  communicate about the content and of how we want the book to be understood by the reader or the book it self to speak and stand. One different experience was in 1999, I have had illustrated  series of 5 books for a publishing house in Jakarta and i hardly met or chat with the author, but luckily the editor of the book has manage to substitutes for the author and to communicate the book.

When it is so ordinary...

As everybody has their own dreams, mine is to make my own books. I have been trying with positive energy to make some, but then they all just ended up stacked deep in my shelf, half finished.

"The naughty cats" 2010

"The strayed cats" 2011

"Pasar" 2011

"Turtle and the silly monkey" 2012

They look so ordinary... I need to find my signature identity...
But hey! Let's do it! That's the challenge my GURU, Bapak Yusof Gajah asked me to find! :D

Friday, 5 October 2012

Emma and The Tooth Fairy at

When the accident happened

A big drop of masking fluid sloped on my almost ready painted illo. Yup! Where else the panic attacks if not came straight in to me! But right after my conscious is back, I realize that it's not worthed to panicked, that slob was not a biggie. Just peel it off gently after it was perfectly dried on all it's surface. In the process a little hint of water color came off as it stuck on the layer of dry masking fluid, but since 90% of the color still remain on the paper, so again it's not a biggie.

Come to think of it, actually it was kind of a fun interesting accident! ha!

And the day ended up gloriously like the scene of a cowboy galloping on his horse heading to the golden sun set...  THE END ;)