Sunday, 31 July 2011

Serial Rama - Dipo Boneka Kayu

Rama is a five-series children storybook which is become one of milestones in my carrier, and above all one of milestones in my life. These are my first children illustrated books which I drew when I had to stay in bed during my not so well pregnancy with my daughter. It was a really fun, excited yet so dramatic moment making all those drawing, because after finished the third book, I delivered my baby and a week later continued drawing the forth and fifth books with a tiny baby in my lap.. :)

And, yes. It has became a milestone since I decided to continue what I've started, and make more children books. Yup! yup! yup!.. can not stop drawing cute figures up until now.. :)
One out of the five books of seri Rama.
Story of a little boy named Rama and his wooden toy soldier named Dipo.                
All five series are:
RAMA dan DIPO Boneka Kayu
Ikut Ayah ke Kantor
Nonton Ondel-Ondel
Teman-Teman Istimewa
Merayakan Lebaran

These RAMA series are written by Cara Djalil, edited by Nikmah Sarjono, the one who offered me this job, I can't thank you enough, dear:) and published by Imaji Comic, Jakarta.

Thursday, 28 July 2011