Friday, 27 July 2012


Ngabuburit = Waiting for break fasting time.
Back to my childhood time... when the western movie series "Bonanza" and "The Little House on The Prairie" were shown on TV. They inspire kids from places where you can still find banana trees around to play cowboys vs indians, along with horses and rifles made of banana leaves. It was one of many awesome games to play during the Ramadhan festive season!
You can make your own horse and rifle by following the instructions on the picture I made.... Enjoy! ;)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Pasar 'Kopro' Jakarta back in the early 80's.. when mothers still had the privilege to get a 'real fresh' chicken, and children could found out from what creature does 'ayam goreng' come from.. "KEOK!"

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Working with the Image palette

page 11-12
Exploring Bubble's under water world.
Bubble lives in a beautiful crystal clear pond, in an imaginary world. My first attempt coloring the last pages 19-20 failed (I am not kinda person working in order from first page to the last page in finishing stage :). It was frustrating trying to find the right image of the page, then ending up with me made the over do coloring, to the dull colors... 

So I tucked the dull 19-20 pages on the magnet board, leave it hanging for a while. And then for the first time in my illustrating work, I made the image palette, for Children Book. And you know what, it's wicked! :D
The image palette becomes a guide for me to grip the feeling of the page, and also as the color's guidance... it's simple and easy.

Well, actually working with the image board is not a new thing for me back then. I used to do the same method in my design jobs. And now I am happy to use the same method in illustrating children book!:)

The Image pictures for page 11-12