Saturday, 14 July 2012

Working with the Image palette

page 11-12
Exploring Bubble's under water world.
Bubble lives in a beautiful crystal clear pond, in an imaginary world. My first attempt coloring the last pages 19-20 failed (I am not kinda person working in order from first page to the last page in finishing stage :). It was frustrating trying to find the right image of the page, then ending up with me made the over do coloring, to the dull colors... 

So I tucked the dull 19-20 pages on the magnet board, leave it hanging for a while. And then for the first time in my illustrating work, I made the image palette, for Children Book. And you know what, it's wicked! :D
The image palette becomes a guide for me to grip the feeling of the page, and also as the color's guidance... it's simple and easy.

Well, actually working with the image board is not a new thing for me back then. I used to do the same method in my design jobs. And now I am happy to use the same method in illustrating children book!:)

The Image pictures for page 11-12

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