Friday, 16 September 2011

What a great news for me.. and let me share with the world.. hahahaha *happyhappyhappy*

Announcement: Winners of SCBWI Malaysia Day Contest - Telling Our Stories
Congratulations to the Winners :

  1. Evi Shelvia Rezasyah - Indonesian Evi submitted a one-page comic of her son learning new languages in Malaysia, in particular how to say ‘poo-poo’
  2. Teoh Choon Ean - Teoh’s proposal of eight stories tells of a boy called Leman who got transported back to the time when Hang Tuah and his friends were teenagers learning to be warriors. Leman persuaded Hang Tuah to come with him to the present time and they had many adventures together.
  3. Michelle Yap Yee Wei - Milly and Rose found a bat which had hurt its wings. They nursed it back to health but they had to take it back to its home in Gua Mulu.
  4. Quek Sue Yian - Malaysians love babies and they have many different ways to welcome babies like shaving their hair, having special ways to name babies, full moon celebrations and others.
  5. How Han Ming - Ming is at home eating ‘tang yuan’ which is eaten during the chinese winter solstice festival. He finds it irrelevant here in Malaysia but his mother reminds him to make a wish as he eats it. But Ming could only think of Shantini, the Indian girl at school…

"This is a story about multilingual society in Malaysia.
And again about my 5-years old son with so many languages he's got exposed in Malaysia. We came from Bandung, the capital city of West Java.
The natives of Bandung use Indonesian and Sundanese language in their daily conversation. We use english quite often at home, which gives our children the third language before we left for Malaysia. After the first few months of living in Malaysia, another few languages (basic Malaysian Malay, and very basic Mandarin and Jawi) have also been added to the children's language bank. It was later that I found out about my 5-years old son who has started to develop his 6th language ability, by the time I made this drawing of him:)"

I also submited this one:

"I am an Indonesian who has been living in Malaysia for 2 years.
Living in Malaysia and getting involved with the social life, especially with three young children has been a fun and exciting experience. However, some of the issues we have here are the culture and language. As both languages shared many synonyms as well as antonyms that make the conversation between and using these two languages creates many misunderstandings.
I'm a graphical diary kind of person. It allows me to record our daily life with the children in form of a pictorial diary. The following content pictures the diary of my 5-years old son talking his Malaysian friend, discussing about playing a Battle Tank game."

Award :
1. The five winners will be sponsored for FREE one-year international SCBWI membership. For the benefits of membership, please visit
2. The five winners will be given FREE course by qualified experts on Writing and Illustrating Picture Books; the Publishing process including editorial, production and printing; as well as understanding copyright and contracts.
3. The five winners will be assisted by Yusof Gajah Lingard Literary Agency to develop their stories into books with a view to publication

Hadiahnya, oke juga kan...hihihi:p

Sunday, 11 September 2011

They're maybe not that pretty.. but owwhhh.. sooo irresistibly yummy

This morning is cloudy and windy, something's not everyday thing happen in Malaysia, but yet so nice to spend the saturday morning with it, with the open window to feel the weather.
And to make it even nicer, a homemade chewy brownies would make it perfect:)

I got the recipe from Jamie Oliver's website, but i skipped the dried cherry since i got none in my kitchen, adjust the ingredients a little here and there.  I wrote down the recipe on a scrap paper and sticked it on my kitchen's wall.. worth to try if you crave for brownies..:)
I,m thingking of sketching the illustration of "step by step how to make the brownies". It is so easy, you can even do it with closed eyes! :D

Friday, 9 September 2011

Kelir monthly September theme: Alien World

About this picture,
First: This is the picture i made for Kelir monthly September theme:
Alien World!
I could not think of any other ideas than to picture them as some green creatures that cute and naughty, literally by their looking and behaving :D
By the time my son saw this picture, he sang this song:
"We are going to the earth.. we are going to the earth... "
so voila! that song become the theme of this picture..  :)

I have a empty frame, which is very similar with one that already has a cute picture drew by my friend Eugeniagina. So i put this picture in that empty frame and put those two side by side.. perfect! they're happy to have each other as frame friends.. :p
Gina if you read this, there i just did my promise to you i made last year, to make this couple:)