Friday, 9 September 2011

Kelir monthly September theme: Alien World

About this picture,
First: This is the picture i made for Kelir monthly September theme:
Alien World!
I could not think of any other ideas than to picture them as some green creatures that cute and naughty, literally by their looking and behaving :D
By the time my son saw this picture, he sang this song:
"We are going to the earth.. we are going to the earth... "
so voila! that song become the theme of this picture..  :)

I have a empty frame, which is very similar with one that already has a cute picture drew by my friend Eugeniagina. So i put this picture in that empty frame and put those two side by side.. perfect! they're happy to have each other as frame friends.. :p
Gina if you read this, there i just did my promise to you i made last year, to make this couple:)


  1. aiih to twiiiittt! Hey Alien in malay kam hier to indonesia..! I'll buy you sambal terasi and it's so yummy!

  2. hahaha.. ginz, nitip sambel terasi...:)

  3. Woooow.. I'm an alien.. I'm a lil' alien... I'm alien in Ke-Ellll... (nada Sting: Englishman in NY) :P

  4. Maap Pit... lupa sign out.. eta komen di atas tu urang yeuh... (temennya Gigina juga di SR 91) hihihi.. tah! Saha?! :P

  5. lemooooon...!
    tar dulu gw terawang...

  6. ahahahahaaa... sebagai penulis biografi dirimu, macam mana i boleh tak tahu who you are, lemmooon..:D