Sunday, 11 September 2011

They're maybe not that pretty.. but owwhhh.. sooo irresistibly yummy

This morning is cloudy and windy, something's not everyday thing happen in Malaysia, but yet so nice to spend the saturday morning with it, with the open window to feel the weather.
And to make it even nicer, a homemade chewy brownies would make it perfect:)

I got the recipe from Jamie Oliver's website, but i skipped the dried cherry since i got none in my kitchen, adjust the ingredients a little here and there.  I wrote down the recipe on a scrap paper and sticked it on my kitchen's wall.. worth to try if you crave for brownies..:)
I,m thingking of sketching the illustration of "step by step how to make the brownies". It is so easy, you can even do it with closed eyes! :D


  1. teu ngarti! Trenslet dong! Sekalian bawa ka dieu!

  2. to Lemonfresh, nanti ditranslet langsung dipiring, minggu depan nyak?:)