Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Masking liquid

A few years ago --my goodness! i guess it was 5-6 years ago!--, i bought a bottle of masking liquid for water color, which i've never had a chance to try it, not until yesterday.
Well, i believe that there will come a day when we have to TRY the thing that we've never tried before:), like the day that i decide to USE my masking liquid, to improve my speed and technique on water color:)

aah... so fun to play with the masking! it's easy and speed up the process and most of all, the traces left behind are Georges

I made those items to apply a bid in a online company. 
I hope it can help me to get hired:)

Friday, 5 August 2011

"Mang Karsa" , a bulletin comic strip

One day, a college friend contacted me asking if i can help him make a comic strip for his company bulletin. The content of comic story was about hot issues in our country and the character in this column was an average sundanese village man who is low-profile, humble, but yet funny and a bit religious, named MANG KARSA. 

This one is the first issue of the comic, which was not published in the bulletin due to some technical problems.

Anyway, feel free to browse and enjoy.. :)

Because this comic comes in Sundanese language, here's a little translated summary of the plot:
MANG KARSA, with his best buddy SI BULEUD were discussing about current hot issue of a famous female Banking Executive who is convicted with charge of Bank fraud, doing a rather excessive breast implant to 'improve' her look. At the same time, a farm boy passes by with his Dairy Cow...bringing up a satire impression to the implant issue.