Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Masking liquid

A few years ago --my goodness! i guess it was 5-6 years ago!--, i bought a bottle of masking liquid for water color, which i've never had a chance to try it, not until yesterday.
Well, i believe that there will come a day when we have to TRY the thing that we've never tried before:), like the day that i decide to USE my masking liquid, to improve my speed and technique on water color:)

aah... so fun to play with the masking! it's easy and speed up the process and most of all, the traces left behind are Georges

I made those items to apply a bid in a online company. 
I hope it can help me to get hired:)


  1. thank you.. thank you..
    *take a bow*
    hihihi... sewruu naaa...
    next belajar cat air, gw mo ngisi frame ramin buat temennya gambar loe yang anak terbang ituu... tunggu yaa!:)