Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Beautiful Bubble

Yes Bubble is a beautiful fish who is too proud and too vain, but in the end she turns to a beautiful fish inside and out. 
Bubble should be so cute, beautiful, one guppy that children will not forget, and who children couldn't resist to cuddle with.
And looking at my first drawing of Bubble, I don't think she's that different than any other guppies in the whole fresh water zone. It is just one ordinary guppy with heavy eyelash.. So, I went with  the 'so cute and so cuddly Bubble', like this one:

Isn't she cute!? I love this one!... but come to think of it, in her cuddly-cuteness she is not that breathtakingly beautiful...

Ahh... nah...not this one...
Hahahaha...she looks too naughty!
Yeah well, the search for the RIGHT Bubble still continues...


  1. It's like a fashion show, Evi! I like all of them, but especially the last one! Naughty Bubble! Heehee :p

  2. Ah yes, Vay, too much fashion for a fish! haha..
    Naughty Bubble looks sporty doesn't she? :p
    Thank you Vay!

  3. the last one, the bubble's eyes n the touch of the colors remind me to Betty Boop.. ehehe.. anyway, it's just kewl n cute, Teh Epit! :)