Thursday, 14 June 2012

FIRST LOOK session at The Asian Festifal of Children's Content AFCC

First Look-Illustration Critique Panel at AFCC Singapore 28 May 2012
My 6 illustrations among 42 others from 7 illustrators have been reviewed and commented on by a panel of international publishing experts.
Chaired by Kathleen Ahrens, International Regional Advisor Chair, SCBWI, Hongkong.

Being commented by these three represented critique panelists was a huge experience for me. 

Btw, in the evening after the SCBWI dinner, I had to go back to our hotel in Johor Baru. Crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border with pack of bags and sleeping Aruna (my 6 yo boy) on my shoulder while running like an idiot with my husband and our two other children trying to catch the bus back to Johor Baru was a real crazy experience that i don't recomend for anybody with children to do so.... but I kept smiling.... that's weird O_o.... but that's the spirit that I got from that wonderful First Look session!!! waahooo...!!!XD

The Critique Panelists:
Leonard Marcus, Historian & Critic, USA.
Sayoni Basu, Duckbill Books, India.
Naomi Kojima, Author/Illustrator, Japan.
One comment from Sayoni Basu about font for one illustrator was: "Please don't use Comic Sans, I hate comic sans." And later I found out that comic sans font has a groupy who hates it! You can find many of them in you tube :D

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