Thursday, 14 June 2012

Emma and The Tooth Fairy

Beware for those who does not love brushing teeth! Your teeth will start
changing colors, from white to creamy, to yellow and then to black due to you not brushing, and ended up with having toothache like Emma...
But lucky to Emma, the tooth fairy appeared from Emma's wardrobe and gave her a chance and return her teeth but under condition that Emma will always brush her teeth...^_^

This children story book is a wonderful project of Alexader Zaslavsky from New York City USA.
His messege of this book is basically to promote brushing teeth to the little ones (age 3 to 6).
Alex said that he based the story on his daugthter. He wanted to help her realize that brushing teeth is important and need to give her a little push.
The idea of the story is that there is a pretty girl named Emma, who is very nice (everyone's princess!) but at times a bit naughty. But regardless, people love her. One thing that she does not like is brushing teeth. Following her ignorance of taking care of her teeth, naturally comes the teeth problems, which make her upset and cry. This is the time when the tooth fairy will appear from Emma's wardrobe and give her a chance and return her teeth but under the condition that Emma will always brush her teeth.

The ambience in Emma's bed room : PINKY feeling! ^_^
Why pink! haha... I've got so much influenced by my 3 years old daughter pinky color status. And Alex is okay with my picking color, so there it is now, Emma in pink bed room! fun!

One of the scene of page 11.
I put here Alex's suggestion for illustration on page 11:

On page 11, the fairy will tell Emma: “I can see why you are upset - you are no longer a princess!”
(Emma looking down to the floor, puddle of tears, illustrate fairy pointing at a “reminder bubble for Emma” with pretty Emma playing with family smiling at her. Fairy can have a somewhat stern look on her face. Evi, I will need your creative part here so that we do not stay in Emma room but move about. Perhaps we can view Emma from the back, walking down a long corridor of her house with the fairy hovering above her and pointing at the bubble. I am open to another setting of your choice that may better suit the plot in order to avoid repeating the same setting. Also as I mentioned above with your idea, fairy's clothes/colors should change)

 I have a concept that the communication between autor and illustrator is the important part of visual prosess in the making of children's book. Lucky me I've been working with some wonderful authors who give me a huge space to explore my creativity and for me to dig the ideas for the book. And that is one of the best part of making illustated book, for me.. ^_*


  1. As usual, beautiful illustrations, Evi! I especially like the two men chatting at the background with polka-dotted paper cups. Charming! Can't wait to get hold of this book :)

  2. Vay! Thank you:)
    These two man with polka-dotted paper cups are Emma's dad and grandpop, they look cool aren't they? XD
    When the book is available i try to send it to you, Vay <3
    Thank you!