Thursday, 29 March 2012

Project book from 'Rumah Qur'ani' Indonesia

My messy table, the water colors and all clusters:)
Didi the bear and Cici the rabbit had a quarrel. That's because Didi thought Cici had his toy,  poor Cici.. Didi was wrong. Didi's toy was at home, they were exactly the same toy. But Didi was a gentleman, he admitted his fault and apologize sincerely to Cici. And what a happy ending for them, Cici forgives him, they make up again, and become best friends forever.. :)

The story was written by Rani Fitriani Ishak and the project leads by Fani Apriany from Rumah Qur'ani, a foundation in Islamic education for children. This book is one of the series of Moral Education for children.

A simple story, but written beautifully. I simply fell in love with Cici and Didi, and had a fun time making the illustration for the book, Cici and Didi and several cute creatures I added to cherries the pages.

As simple and beauty of the story, I had in mind to divide the whole story into three stages, in orded to make the story sounds more dramatic. The first page, when story teller say Cici was so sad, the sunset scene was added. Sunset scene with  the mellow feeling... And from the yellow light of sun set, we go to the bright blue sun as a flash back of the story when Cici and Didi had a quarrel. Three pages of the blue sky then we go to the evening time when Didi realized he was wrong, the fire in the fire place is crackling, mom's cook is bubbling on the big pot over the fire, and Didi regrets about what he had said to Cici. The make up scene then was in the afternoon, with the scattering orange, red and dark blue light in the sky, and the lamps on with yellow light, warm feeling when Cici forgive Didi...

My favorite page, dynamic scene with every things were scattering while Cici and Didi scrambled, tugged and pulled the toy. I love the little frog expression, so cute that I want to put her in my pocket. :D

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