Friday, 13 January 2012

The Princess

In the late November 2011, I received an email from Carole Amber, asking me to make a whimsical portrait illustration of her two beautiful nieces, Clara and Lauren for the Christmas gift. One of the girl Clara loves to dress up like a pirate while the younger one Lauren loves to be a princess.

It was a fun time dressing up the two girls with the cool whimsical outfit! :)

I made this picture with water color, it was fun to make texture on her pink dress, and I love the way her white and olive green stripes dress showing up a little under the pink one:)
and by the way,  I wish I could have boots like her here...ha.


  1. ooooh mukanya cakeep deh finishingnya! :D love it!

  2. wah, tengkiu pisan naa...! ternyata bikin muka pake cat air ga sesulit yang gw kira, percobaan pertama berhasil juga membentuk :D