Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Cobblestone Street in winter wonderland - Part Three

1. In a quaint village with cobblestone streets, charming shops and glowing homes, there lived two horses that were very much in love.

"I’m picturing two horses walking down cobblestone street (standing upright on back two legs walking toward the reader with and front hooves arm in arm). It’s winter with snow on top of houses. Both sides of the street are lined with narrow houses, shops and street lamps (see link of Pistacia Vera, all with glowing windows and smoke coming out of chimneys. The shop in this illustration is a pastry shop, Pistacia Vera. If you need another shop, add an Art Gallery). The houses are usually brick, narrow and close together. Except our house is gray siding. I want this spread to feel cozy, happy, quaint and like a winter wonderland."
(Author's footnote) 

   Google time, as I've never been to winter zone before... :D
Time to travel to some places with beautiful cobblestone streets, to winter wonderland, and pack them all in my dream box.
Where should I hide when I need to focus on my thoughts? In to my meditation room. A topsy-turvy free zone, where children only can be heard from behind the door and not allowed to go in... Except when any of them need to have a 
go...ha XD

  And here is the cobblestone street in winter wonderland scenery!:)


  1. Thank god the house in the corner lot can be transformed into grey color at last.. what a clumsiness i made, sorry for that C..