Thursday, 19 January 2012

Inspiring Scene of "The Gift of The Ladybug" - Part Five

The first picture I made from interpreting the story on The Gift of The Ladybug, tittled "Kuda n Ladybug". 
It is a scene of a horse galloping down the hill with a ladybug flying above him with a happy expression on their faces. The golden yellow sunlight dusk covering the hill, while a rabbit popping out from her cozy hole with a broom.

As an illustrator, one of the most important things in creating a good book is a good connection with the author.When the author and the illustrator shared a mutual respect to each other, there is no doubt that they can create an EXCELLENT BOOK.

This is what Carole wrote according the above picture:
"I envision the whole book to have the magical, airy and heaven-like feel that you portrayed in the "kuda n ladybug" illustration. I LOVE it!!! I also want some of the fun, whimsical and personality nature of the "pretty horse and ladybug" to make it's way into the characters in The Gift of the Ladybug."

And so the "kuda n ladybug" illustration became the main drawing of the book resembling of how TJ taught his parents, Troy and Carol how to live, as polkadot taught the horses how to fly.

We use the picture for cover of the book, as well as the inside cover and one spreads on page 28-29.
front cover
back cover
inside cover in sketch and the finished one

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