Thursday, 19 January 2012

Momma and Poppa horses Character in "The Gift of The Ladybug" - Part Four

The character of momma horse started from this drawing, when I had a day dream about a pretty, trendy, clever and sophisticated young female horse.

The story of The Gift of The Lady Bug started in winter and came along in every page with the circle of the season in one year. And so the outfit of the characters. Here we can find momma wearing light spring dress with shawl, and a first yellow dandelion pinned in her hair.

The rejoice scene, when the horses at last cherished the fact that their son was meant to be a ladybug. 
They slowed down their hardworking ways, perfected countless bug-a-licious recipes, sang, danced and played with Polkadot.  

The last page of the book, when the horses treasured all of the lessons that their wise Polkadot taught them and rejoiced in the gift of the ladybug. The looks on their faces shown a complete expression of peace, gratitude and remembrance. They are picturing the gifts of Polkadot.