Saturday, 4 August 2012

My moving studio! :D


  1. Hello maam, Im an aspiring Illustrator, currently a student and work as an intern at Mombi Children Magazine.

    I really like your illustration, they are really cute!:D

    I want to ask several questions :

    1. How do you get your ideas?
    2. How did you get your first client (from overseas)?
    3. What are the tools you use to draw?

    Sorry to bother you, and thank you for your attention.
    Also, if you'll be kind enough, please visit my blog to see my works.

    Thank you so much :)

  2. Hi Anastasia!
    Thank you for visiting my blog:)

    I want to answer your questions :D hehe, kidding, sure I'd love to share and answer your Q, Anastasia..
    1. How do i get my ideas... well, for illustrating children's book, the basic idea comes from understanding the story. The first thing I do after reading the story is to have a session with the author. I have to know what the author has in mind about the story, what she/he expects from the visual to be shown, the characters, the story behind the story, so good communication between the author and the illustrator is the key.
    And then I'd collect data for the illustration from various sources, to build up the characters, the place where the story is/to be taken, etc.
    And then comes the time for me to 'cook' everything up in my imagination, love it, feel it, dissolves into the story, think of it night and day, to everywhere i go, in everything i do...(hahaha...sorry, too lebay to quit:p)
    When i ready (usually in a sudden pop) i got all pictures for every page in my head, Anastasia. And all go in to the papers..:)
    This stage is the best part of making children's book illustration for me, seriously exciting! :D

    2. from

    3. water color, pencils, color pencils, retouch with Photoshop if necessary.

    Your blog is awesome!

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    2. Thank you so much for sharing. : ) currently i'm doing my thesis. May i use your testimony in my thesis as my reference? Once again thank you so much