Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Seven - Draw your days

 SEVEN: Draw Your Days! is an event to celebrate the anniversary of CAB*, so we do it each year on the same dates, always starts on November 7th. Our first event was in 2009, when we also launched our website. We also printed and exhibited a lot of participants’ drawings at Galeri Soemardja, FSRD ITB, while having a talk session. The result was indeed pleasantly surprising. The works that were produced day-by-day appeared in different media: drawings, comics, photographs, even collages and poems, which came not only from Indonesia but also from the United States and The Netherlands.
2010 brought similarly surprising results, and also coming from many parts of the world, including Kuwait and Malaysia. Friends who are spending most of their time typing and clicking admitted that they found relief upon returning to their pens and pencils. Friends who are used to creating fantasy and fictional stories found it a refreshing change to recreate their own, real experiences in drawings and graphics. Among the most interesting things is, although we knew that the same week can be entirely different for everyone, we didn’t really ‘realize’ it until we saw the reflections of it, as expressed by different individuals.

And this is my SEVEN day ONE:)


  1. marii...mariii... teh? kupi? hehehehe...sepi ya, lagi berusaha rajin ngisi, na :)